Group Companies

Atyab Investments

Atyab Investments plays a pivotal role in setting the highest standards in the food sector and other related industries. In addition to this, our projects apply state-of-the-art technology to ensure operational efficiency and product quality while investing in continuous research & development across all areas of our operations. As part of Oman Flour Mills’ diversification plans and the Government of Oman’s emphasis on food security, Atyab Investments has been established to unite the common objectives of its subsidiaries and provide strength and stability to manage and synergize operations, goals, and policies.

Atyab IFFCO Poultry

In a joint venture with the IFFCO group this poultry project will be set up with an investment of R.O. 25 million ($65 million approx.) in the Mahadah area of Al-Buraimi to cater to Oman and other GCC markets. This project will see the setting up of a parent broiler farm with a facility to produce 50 million hatchlings per year, a broiler farm with a slaughtering capacity of 50,000 birds per day, and the capability to produce over 2 million table eggs per year.

The company has acquired 94% of the shareholding in Sohar Poultry SAOG. Sohar Poultry, with a production capacity of approximately 6000MT annually. operates a poultry farm that involves breeding, hatching, growing and processing of poultry livestock which is sold directly to the retail market under the Rayaf brand name.

Modern Poultry Farm SAOC (MPF)

An 88.4% subsidiary of Oman Flour Mills, MPF was established in 1989 and currently produces over 100 million table eggs per year sold under the”Dana” brand. The farm comprises 8 rearing houses each with approximately 23,000 birds and 24 laying houses each with a capacity of 22,000 birds. All eggs are graded and packed for delivery everyday across the Sultanate of Oman and the Arabian Gulf region.

Atyab Bakery LLC

A groundbreaking project in the Arabian Gulf region, the bakery will invest R.O. 15 million ($39 million approx.) for a fully automated production facility; commercial production expected to commence in the first quarter of 2012. This bakery will acquire the latest baking innovations to produce both fresh and frozen bakery products and confectionery items. This bakery will have a capacity to produce:

Ÿ12,000 pieces of Arabic bread / hour
24,000 buns / hour
5,000 loaves / hour
5,000 croissants, Danish, and puff pastries / hour

Sohar Flour Mills

With the strategic vision to expand its production coverage to different regions of Oman, Sohar Flour Mills is being established in Sohar with an investment of R.O. 15 million ($40 million approx.) using state-of-the-art flour milling technology.

In its 1st phase, it will have a wheat milling capacity of 300 metric tonnes per day with a potential of expanding to 2000 metric tonnes per day in phases. The mill will be capable of producing all types of specialty flours and will cater to the Al-Batinah and Al-Dhahira regions of the Sultanate of Oman and will develop exports to the GCC and other international markets.

Atyab Foodtech

Access to wholesome, hygienic and balanced food is an unalienable right of the human race. This has never been so well emphasized as it is today. In planning and bringing into existence Atyab Foodtech R&D Laboratories & Consultancy Services — a world class facility that focuses on assisting existing units as well as new entrants in the food sector – our goal is to facilitate the spread of this basic right. We enjoy working towards developing unique and all-encompassing food technology solutions.

Exploring new avenues in the pursuit of perfect procedures for our clients is a challenge that we love to take on — and fulfil. The reason is simple. We are passionate about food technology and it shows in every area of our operations.